At time of check-in we will get your basic information to contact as well as information as to the problem you are having with your PC or Mac. Diagnostic is generally done withing 48 hours of drop off. At that time we will advise on options.

Most repairs have a flat rate fee but some vary based on complexity of repair and part procurement. Some repairs will require a deposit in advance. These include jobs where expensive parts are necessary, jobs where you keep your computer until an ordered part arrives, or jobs with a high probability of failure where we would charge a minimum fee for the attempt. All fees will be disclosed in advance.

Basic Bench Fee Services: Only $59.99
How it works: PC & Laptop diagnostic is always free but there are simple straightforward services we offer to get you back online! This service is used for basic upgrades and simple repairs. There are no fees if we can’t fix your issue.

Some Examples Basic Services:

  • Password Removal
  • Software Settings
  • Drive Install into enclosure
  • Simple & Single Software Installation
  • Simple Driver Installation
  • Customer Provided Motherboard/CPU Install (Does not include and software services)