Yes and no. We purchase our parts from one of the largest US wholesale cell phone part hubs, some of the parts we purchase are marked Grade A++(but not original) some are marked as OEM Grade.

Average labor cost to repair a device is 35-40$. Add the part cost to that amount to get an idea what you will be charged or just contact us for an exact estimate.

Absolutely! Just give us a call and schedule an onsite appointment.

Absolutely! As long as the repairer has a reputable repair shop, phone number where they can be reached and a website advertising the repair price we will match their prices.

You are welcome to watch us repair your device, we have no secrets about the process, but we have no program in place to actually train someone other than our technicians.

Service is provided as First Come First Serve, so no appointment is needed, however, if your device is not of a major brand like Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and other we do recommend that you give us a call to confirm that we have the required part in stock before you come to see us.

No, we don’t fix TVs, radios, cameras, DVD or Blu-Ray players. We can give you an advice based on our experience but this is not our strongest field of expertise.

Yes! Most of our repairs have a 30-90-Day Warranty. Very few have None-14-Day Warranty. (Liquid Damaged devices have No warranty, since we have no control over what else might go wrong besides the repaired/replaced part)

We do, we can generally offer 10-50$ over

Yes, we fix phones, computers and tablets.

Yes, we do! Please, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to receive latest coupons and deals.

Our best advertizing is our customers’ opinion and reviews. If you are in our office – it means we already did a good job for one of your friends, coworkers or family members and they did us the great honor of recommending our services to you. It’s simple: you’re here because we did good!!!

Depends on the Device’s Brand and Model. If you happen to know it we will give you an estimate right away. For major brands, please, refer to our website.

Diagnostic is ABSOLUTELY free!!!

Absolutely nothing!

Absolutely, we will! This repair will not be warranted by us, since we are not using our parts, but you should receive a warranty on the part from the seller you’ve purchased the item from.

We will try! Bag it, bring it to us and, if nothing is missing and/or completely damaged, we will most likely fix it for you!

In case we’re on the line with another customer you can still contact us during business hours thru our Live Chat on our website, you can text to our business number, you can leave us a voicemail, and you can message us on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

You got it!!!

There isn’t one! In our experience honesty and integrity pay more in a long run other than making a quick buck off of telling you something you already might have known.